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Hormone Testing in a Female Fertility Work Up

If you have been struggling with fertility you know that there are a myriad of tests that are run on both the male and female partner or gamete contributor. Like much of the fertility experience, fertility testing can all be overwhelming. I would like to break down the hormone testing that is often recommended for women specifically when a couple is struggling with fertility. This is by no means a comprehensive review just a quick, down-to-the-point, summary of some of the key points about each hormone you might see in your fertility hormone panel. Please also note that not every test below is indicated for every person. I have done my best to run through the conditions associated with high or low levels that are related to infertility. Please know that diagnosis of any of the conditions listed here is much more involved and will require the involvement of your ND and/ or MD. If you have questions, please bring them up with your health care provider.

Let’s start with the most common hormones we look at: