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About Your First Naturopathic Visit

Before Your Initial Visit

We ask that you please fill out your intake form before you visit. You may bring your form with you to your first visit, fax your form to us (1 833 790 2923), email it to us, or post it to your patient portal. Your intake form will be attached to your initial appointment booking confirmation email and can also be found above. If you are unable to complete your form ahead of your appointment please come to your appointment at least 30 min prior to your scheduled visit to give yourself enough time to complete it. (We would love to offer you tea while you complete your form 🙂). If you have had any recent laboratory or imaging results (in the last 12 months) please bring copies with you to your appointment or post them to your patient portal.

Your Initial Visit

Your first naturopathic visit will be approximately 90 minutes and will cover a detailed history and screening physical exam. The intention of this visit is to get to a better understanding of your whole health picture, elucidate your symptoms and concerns, and from here pull together a health plan. Your plan will grow and evolve through subsequent visits and may include laboratory testing, supplements, referrals to other healthcare professionals, IV therapy, injection therapy, diet /lifestyle modifications, and/or other modalities. Plans are individually tailored and strategically minded. Appointment notes will be provided for you after each visit in your own private patient portal to keep you on track between visits.

Return Visits

Second visits are generally scheduled 3-4 weeks after your initial. During this visit, we often review lab test results, complete physical exams, and refine your health plan.

The length and frequency of follow-up visits moving forward from here will depend on your specific health needs. Follow-up visits are important for accountability, and to strategically grow and adapt your health plan with you as your health evolves. True health care and changes to your health come from commitment and consistency; this is what we offer and look for in return.


Our fees are listed here. Most extended health plans cover naturopathic care. For specifics of what is covered please contact your insurance company. If you are self-employed there are options that will allow you to expense your care through your company. Please note that Alberta Health Care does not cover naturopathic care.

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