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Patient Portal

Setting up your Portal


Once you are a patient of Naturally Inclined Health you will be able to click the button above to gain access to your own secure patient portal. There are a couple of steps to setting up your portal.

  • You will be sent 2 emails:

    • the 1st will contain your personal patient portal setup link. 

      • Click the link and follow the prompts. 

    • The 2nd email will contain your 4-word code (this is not your password). You will need this to complete your portal setup.

      • Remember that this will expire after 5 days! If your code expires you will need to contact the office for a new code.

  • Next, an email will be sent to you to confirm your account.


It's that easy!



Once you have created your Portal


After you are set up, all you will need is your email address and your password.

If you forget your password simply click the "Forgot Password?" link from the portal login page (click the button above).



Having Trouble? 


If you are having any trouble with this please call the office at 780 757 7700.  You could also call or email OutSmart at 1-888-507-0826 /

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