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Frequent Questions About IV Therapy

1. How does IV therapy work?

a. See my blog “IV Nutrient Therapy”

2. How long does it take?

a. Most IVs run for about 90 minutes, some run up to 3 ½ hrs. We recommend bringing a book or project to work on while you infusion runs.

3. How long to the effects last?

a. Most IVs given contain water soluble ingredients therefore will transit out of your system quickly however the tangible effects often last days to weeks according to our patients.

4. How often should I get an IV?

a. This is a tough question to answer as it is very individual. I have to give the classic naturopathic response… “it depends”. This should be discussed with your ND and regularly reassessed as your progress will help dictate your IV treatment frequency, as well as possible changes to your individual formula.

5. Are there side effects?

a. The most common side effects include bruising at the infusion site, hyper yellow urine, and the taste of B vitamins in the mouth. Other possible side effects include, but are not limited to hypoglycemia, infection, and allergic reaction. IV therapy is safe when administered responsibly under the supervision of a licensed and experienced ND or functional medicine doctor. The full list of risks should always be discussed with the prescribing ND or MD prior to treatment. I have been safely administering IVNT since 2010.

6. Does it hurt?

a. We have specifically chosen our needles for patient comfort. While we cannot eliminate “the poke” we do our best to minimize it. We use IV catheters which means once we have gained access to your vein, we remove the needle and only a small, flexible, plastic tube (catheter) remains. Our IV room care team also has plenty of experience starting IVs, so you are in good hands. Further, we have hot water bottles, blankets, cozy recliners, and tea available to keep you comfortable.

Do you have more questions? We would love to hear them! Please reach out if you have further questions or leave a comment below!

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