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About Your First Naturopathic Visit

Before Your First Visit

We ask that you please fill out your intake form before your visit. You may bring them with you on your first visit, fax the forms to the office ahead of time (1 833 790 2923), or email it them to the clinic before your visit ( Intake forms can be found by clicking on the appropriate button above. If you are unable to complete the form ahead of time, we ask that you come to your visit a minimum of 30 minutes before your scheduled visit time to complete. If you have had any recent laboratory work or imaging done (in the last 12 months) please bring copies of this with you.

Your Initial Visit

Your first visit will be approximately 1 ½ hours and will entail a detailed history and a screening physical exam; we may also discuss the need for further laboratory testing if it is required. The intention of this visit is to get to know your whole health picture, to look further than the symptoms you are experiencing and begin to understand the root cause of your concerns. Treatment may or may not be initiated on the first visit and you may be sent home with some health-focused assignments to complete between your visits. 

Return Visits

Your second visit is generally scheduled 1-4 weeks later. During this time we will follow up on any testing, physical exams and discuss your specific health plan. Please don’t forget to bring along your assignment(s) from your first visit. The length and frequency of follow up visits will depend on your specific health needs and how you are progressing. Once you are meeting your health goals and feeling better, we would like to book check-up appointments every 3 -12 months to maintain your progress. Annual physicals are also strongly recommended. Please remember, however, that naturopathic doctors are primary care doctors and you are welcome to book an appointment at any time for any other health concern that may come up.


Most extended health insurance plans cover all or a portion of Naturopathic medical care. Please check with your health insurance provider. Alberta Health Care does not cover Naturopathic visits.

Patients will not be charged for visits that are canceled within 2 full business days. Click here more information about our cancellation policy.

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